Africa is on the move. “AFRICAN MAKE” is a pan-African branding movement established Addis Ababa, “The Capital City of Africa” in 2015 to promote, create a positive awareness about Africa, to promote African positions and perspectives, Celebrate our identity,and inspire our competitiveness by showcasing Africa’s capabilities and achievements.

Its aim is to create a single brand for Africa, goods, services and skills will move freely, creating a larger, vibrant economic space for trade and investment. Africa consists of different nations, which are at different stages of development just like Europe. Africa has some of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with an average growth rate of 5% per year. It also has abundant natural and human resources, making it a region with tremendous investment opportunities.



Inspiring Change

To educate today young people that they don’t need to go to Europe or America to seek out opportunities by showcasing different successful entrepreneurs and ventures.

Africa Awaits You

To boost intra-African trade, expand trade and economic ties among Africa, the United States, and other global markets.

Doing Business in Africa

Advancing the “Doing Business in Africa” campaign to encourage U.S. businesses to take maximum advantage of growing trade and investment opportunities in Africa


AfricanMake with Passion

Show case African achievements in the world stage

A Unique Platform

To promote business opportunists and companies, trade shows, and business-to-business matchmaking in key sectors in East Africa and eventually from all African countries 

United Voice of Africa

Provide sustainable business services and promote investment in key growth sectors in Africa, including agriculture, health, clean energy, environment and trade-related infrastructure 

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